Gammy's Beezwax Candles is a family affair

Our family circa 2011

Our Family

Meet the team behind Gammy’s Beezwax – a family-run business in the truest sense of the word (we even get our name from the family cat, Gammy!). We all pitch in together to create beeswax candles in a loving family environment from our home in East Toronto.

About Gammy’s Beeswax Candles

Gammy's Family Photo

Our family circa 2021

Gammy’s Beezwax is a family affair. From our East Toronto home, the six of us – that’s me, my beautiful wife, our 4 amazing boys, and of course our cat Gammy – have been excited to watch our homegrown business enrich the community around us.

We put our hearts, as well as our community-minded spirit, into creating natural, chemical-free candles made from 100% Canadian beeswax.

Gammy’s Beezwax is a proud member of the Canadian Beeswax Chandlers Guild, that is proud to provide pure Canadian beeswax at affordable prices for the public.

Our Story

Gammy The Cat

The idea for Gammy’s Beezwax Candles came about while preparing for our wedding in 2009. As healthy and environmentally conscience people, we wanted to present our guests with gifts that reflected our lifestyle. Homemade beeswax candles were perfect for the occasion.

And so out of the most romantic of days Gammy’s Beezwax Candles was born.

All these years later, and having perfected the candle making craft, we continue to make our beeswax candles as a family, with positivity and care.

Now we invite you to come share in the warmth of our homemade beeswax candles.

What People Are Saying

“My experience with Gammys Beezwax could not be better. This is one of those family business you feel care from the packaging of the product to the communication with the client. The candles are excellent and exactly the way they are described on the website. The process and delivery of my order was super fast and Cathy and Paul made sure personally my customer experience could not be better. Great service, excellent and natural candles!”
Roberto M.; purchased tealights and smooth pillars

“Repeat purchase. Will continue to use these candles – best beeswax candles I have used. Fresh, fragrant, and a lovely burn. Always a pleasant transaction, ultra-fast shipping, and who doesn’t like a gift with purchase! Thanks so much for a wonderful product. Take care.”
Karen A.; purchased tealights in bulk of 40

“I bought a bunch of these before & they are the best, longest lasting votives I have ever purchased. I’ve tried so many brands since I use tons of candles on a regular basis for performance and at home. As long as Gammy’s stays around, I won’t bother looking elsewhere for my candles.”
Margaret L.; purchased 18 votives and 3-pairs of tapers

“This is my second bulk shipment of candles, so you know that I love them. Appreciated the sweet gift of a special molded candle. Little freebies make me bizarrely happy. These candles burn clean and finish to the end, they smell great, the shipping was super fast even from Canada, and the sellers are the nicest, most communicative sellers I have ever worked with.”
Karla F. purchased tealights in bulk of 200