Beekeeper Harvesting Beeswax

The Buzz on Beeswax

Our Beeswax candles are a natural way to add light and warmth to your home while also keeping you and your family healthy. It’s easy to see why everyone’s buzzing about beeswax.

Unlike our candles, conventional ones are made with paraffin (a by-product of petroleum) along with a variety of other chemicals. Numerous studies show that when these candles are burned, they release toxic vapours into the air that are carcinogenic (cancer-causing).

Our candles however are handmade from 100% Canadian beeswax so they are wholly natural with nothing added. Also, our beeswax has been filtered and cleansed to provide high quality, pure products.

A Healthy Home with Beeswax

Beeswax candles are proven to clean the air around you. They release negative ions that neutralize contaminates like dust, pet dander, odours, mold, as well as airborne germs and bacteria, keeping the air in your home fresh and healthy.

These negative ions are even good for your skin and joints and also reverse effects of the positive ions released by household items like computers, cell phones and televisions.

Beeswax Candles Go the Distance
Not only do beeswax candles make your home a healthier space but they’re also cost effective as they burn much slower and last much longer than conventional candles.

Bee Getting Nectar From A Flower