Bees Knees


Peaches & Cream scent – 100g

Fun fact: Peaches and cream was the first scent we’ve ever used and to this day remains one of our customers’ favourites. Not only does Bees Knees last approximately 2-3 weeks with everyday use, but it keeps you smelling like a Georgia Peach factory all day long. But don’t take our word for it, Bowser himself vouches for us “peaches, peaches, peaches […] I love you”. We do too Bowser, we do too. By the way, this bar contains both our triple butter blend and our glycerin blend so your skin will be as soft as Princess Peach’s and as clean as Bowser’s voice.

You’ll receive 1 of the 6 cute versions that we have available.

Or try our Hive Bundle, a bundle of 6 different bee themed soaps.

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Bees Knees

1 ($6.00 Each) – Unlabelled, 1 ($6.00 Each) – Labelled, The Hive Bundle ($26.00 Each) – Unlabelled, The Hive Bundle ($26.00 Each) – Labelled